Net Analytics is a web-based tool for visualizing the net distribution data of the Against Malaria Foundation. I’ve launched an alpha version, and you are invited to test it.


The Against Malaria Foundation has long conducted predistribution registration surveys (PDRS) and postdistribution checkups (PDCU) in conjunction with its distributions of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets. Recently, however, they started using a smartphone- and Open Data Kit–based system for these distributions when their local partners agree to it. Thanks to this new approach to data collection, it is now much easier to glean insights from those data.

Net Analytics is an extensible software solution for cleaning, aggregating, and visualizing these data so that researchers and donors can understand them at a glance. A live instance can be found at (You can find the code on Bitbucket.)

If you have a moment, I’d like to invite you to test the software and tell me in the comments what you liked, what bugs you found, and what features you’d like to see. Thank you!

Known Limitations

  1. So far there is only PDRS data of the Kasaï Occidental 2014 distributions in the database and no PDCU data.
  2. I’d like to save some aspects of the map state to the URL so we can link to them.
  3. It should be clearer which dimensions are visualized in size and color of the markers.
  4. I have photos of the distributions that I’d like to add.


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