The fundraising season of 2016 started with Brony Fair in April. Brony Fair did not dedicate its auction to our charity but provided us with a comped table for our fundraising and EA outreach. We raised €944.50 and €404.90, respectively, on the two days of the convention.

Pony Congress 2016 took place in Elbląg, Poland. The organizers were very welcoming and helpful, and even provided me with a comped room for the stay. But the convention suffered from an unexpectedly low turnout, and generally wages are very low in Poland, so that our fundraising amounted to around €530 (zł 2,353.84), the total of both days and the auction.

GalaCon 2016 made up for it by generating the greatest fundraising success in our history of convention partnerships.

Bronies for Good booth at GalaCon 2016


Table Saturday €2,900.43
Table Sunday €1,723.19
Silent auction €1,215
Small auction €930
Main auction €16,250

Top Items at the Table

Equestrian bit 514
Bound Together 65
BfG button 34
CMC button 29

Top Items in the Auction

Community quilt €2,000
Perry’s and Dusty’s hats €1,100
Life-size Canni plushie €1,100
Amy Keating Rogers’s ukulele €1,000
Sunset Shimmer plushie €1,000

GalaCon and Bronies for Good History

Year 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Estimated attendance 1,300 1,300 1,200 1,000 400
Highest auction bids €2,000 €2,500 (banner) €1,720 (banner) €1,100 (banner) €1,650 (figurine)
Totals of all auctions €18,395 €13,470 €9,455 €11,632 €7,545
Totals of direct donations €4,624 €6,556 €2,923 €2,694 €274


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